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Urvi Upadhyay

A simple thank you is not enough for what you have arranged for me. Also want to thank your wife Kanlaya for making the arrangements. I was telling Nirmal I am so impressed with your company and the way everything is handled including Jessel's help. I will continue to do future travels with your company and recommend it to friends and family.

Urvi Upadhyay

Florida, USA September, 2015
Taj Mahal

I had a great time! Being unable to see or walk showcased the excellence of Indian medical training and procedures and the huge, warm heart of the Indian people. I lost about a third of my vacation, (all the big palace plans and city tours) and have too many pictures of the inside of hotel rooms, but I will always remember the people who watched out for me when I could not do so for myself. I have never gotten seriously ill in another country before, I have taken Larium twice before, in1988, and 2,000 but... Read More / Less

It was too bad losing my Mewar terrace dinner, giving my Taj gift champagne and red wine sent from A&K away to my driver, but, hell, the man was like my dad for four days in rajasthan. As I said, if I have to be a prisoner, certainly only shah Jahan had as nice a prision.

I was still canceling evening plans by the time I got on safari. The plane rides back to back for three days was very rough on me (doctors orders were don't leave your hotel room and flush the meds with lost of fruit and water-the two things one can't pull off on a vaca). Guess what happened in the parks? Three tiger sightings, three different families, including the never-seen cubs, and a 45 minute session with a male desperate to mate, who took his time sniffing and spraying within a few feet of us, completely oblivious to our presence. She had been raising cubs for two-three years and we were there the one week in years since he would have been looking for her. Amazing!

I met some wonderful people, was shown extraordinary kindness. I will be visiting the home of one American I met, with my mom and sister the next time I'm visiting, and it looks like I met someone whose family knows the family of my best friend, via connection in Africa! So, this is all the personal side to my trip; let me finish up with saying you have the right people onthe ground, total pros. In particular, note Tsekar at Abercrombe in Delhi. You should get familiar with him. He doesn't forget a phone call, he follows through on everything. He corrals the troops all over the country and ensured I would always be comfortable and that everyone on the itinerary knew in advance I needed extra water and to watch over me-sometimes my commitment to enjoy the trip as much as possible sent the staff chasing me over the property with the golf carts so I wouldn't fall over on my way to dinner! The Taj hotel managers in udaipur and jodhpur took it upon themselves to write off 50% of the Mewar Terrace fiasco and the whole price of a every nice dinner I sat, ordered, and left as the appetizer arrived, at the umaid bhawan. I would never have asked on the day of. They were totally classy.

In particular, three people in India and yourself, need to be pointed out as having worked very hard to make this work. Having to deal with a client who is sick is a nightmare that really shows the strengths and weeknesses of a plan or firm.


Hawaii, USA February, 2015
Katrina Parker, Houston Texas, USA

I always wanted to take a sailing trip around the Turkish Coast and AdventureLink helped make it happen! I was able to easily find the trip I wanted and then called to get some final guidance before I booked. The most important part was that after I booked, AdventureLink helped answer the dozens of questions I had. This was a trip of a lifetime and met so many new friends and now I am planning my next adventure on AdventureLink.

Katrina Parker

Huston Texas, USA July, 2012
Patty & Robert Zuber, Los Angeles, California, USA

We had the trip of a lifetime to South Africa with AdventureLink. The accommodations were spectacular, the guides top-notch and the experiences and the adventures that we had for each of the 12 days could never be duplicated. We will travel anywhere with you!

Patty & Robert Zuber

Los Angeles, California, USA June, 2010
Tina Petra, Pasadena, California, USA

We used AdventureLink to book a southern Africa safari trip for our group. They put together a customized itinerary for us and handled all the airfare arrangements as well. We had never been to Africa before and had a wonderful experience and would recommend AdventureLink to anyone need help in booking complex group trips.

Tina Petra

Pasadena, California, USA June, 2010
Mark & Jessica Shaprio: Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Our agent used AdventureLink to find us the perfect honeymoon trip to Greece. We got the exact itinerary we wanted at a price point that was right for our budget. There was a slight issue with one of the hotels, but AdventureLink was able to rectify the problem before we even showed up! We had a great time and recommend AdventureLink to others planning their honeymoon or looking for unique travel experiences.

Mark & Jessica Shaprio

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA September, 2009