What is adventure travel?

Adventure travel means different things to different people and is as varied as the personalities that seek it. At AdventureLink, we view “adventure” as anything experiential whether you’re seeking a meaningful cultural exchange; an opportunity to improve your skills, your health or wellbeing; the chance to participate in an activity that will get your heart pumping; or simply to learn something new and broaden your horizons. To us, adventure travel encompasses all of the above. It's all about experiences–unique, exciting, educational, meaningful, and quite possibly, life-changing.

What is a username?

When logging into your Tour Operator Account you will be asked to enter your username and password. Your username is the same as the login that you created when registering.

How do I create a new user account?

To add a new user, simply click Create Login under Users on the Dashboard. Additional users will be provided with access to your Account and have the ability to change and update information.

What are the criteria/requirements for making a trip 'Active'?

There are 7 criteria for making a trip 'Active' and open to bookings. They include, trip name, brief and full descriptions, language, currency, rates, and departure dates. Finally, you must return to the Dashboard and click 'Disabled' next to the name of the trip you wish to activate. Your trip Status should switch to 'Active'.

How will I be notified about bookings?

AdventureLink will notify you about bookings via email, using the contact you provided, and also through our message board application, found on the Dashboard of your Tour Operator Account. Check our message board frequently in the event that your email fails or has not been updated.

When will I get paid?

You’ll be paid 48 hours after the tour arrangements are complete. AdventureLink holds all customer deposits and final payments in a trust account until then. This policy enables customers and their agents to book travel on a secure basis with operators in diverse parts of the world.

What is the purpose of the Trip Wizard?

The Trip Wizard is the application used when creating a NEW trip and includes 4 steps (Details, Itinerary, Photos and Rates). The sections included in the Wizard must be completed to create a trip.

What is the difference between a Brief Trip Description and Full Description? Why do I need to include both?

Both the Brief and Full Descriptions are required to make your trip 'Active' so you must include them. In the Brief Trip Description it is important to give the customer a short synopsis of what your trip includes, specifically keywords that will help narrow and target their trip search. Once the customer selects a trip they are interested in, they will find a broader more detailed account of that specific trip under Full Description.

How do I plot an event location using the Geo Locator?

The Geo Locator is used to identify a specific place, city, or region. Depending on that particular day’s itinerary, your location may vary. This feature allows us to show your trip to a customer searching by this region or place.

Enter the general geographic location of the place you will be on any particular day under Search by Location Name. Click the Find button. Once Google Maps has found your location it might give you several options. Click the location that you think best matches your event. A map should appear. Drag the red balloon pin to a place on the map that best matches your exact location. To save click the Save button in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

What if the location I am trying to plot is in a remote or rural area?

Google Maps is equipped to identify the majority of location searches. However, if your location does not appear, try to plot the nearest city/town or broaden your search to include a region. Click the Satellite or Hybrid tabs to gain a more detailed view.

How do I upload a photo?

To add a photo click the Browse button and select a photo from your personal database of pictures. Be aware that the order you upload your photos, is the order they will appear in the gallery view. Make sure to include only photos that pertain to that particular trip as they will be visual representations of your itinerary. Click the Upload Photo button after choosing your file.

What image size is recommended for uploading?

Your photos must be no bigger than 2MB. Any images larger than this must be resized before being uploaded.

How many images can I upload to an album?

There is no limit to the amount of photos you upload into an album, but we encourage users to upload at least 7 photographs to ensure that the gallery view for your trip is completely filled in with no empty spaces. Also, do not include the same pictures for every trip. While some overlap is okay, each trip should have its own set of photographs.

Why do I need to include a default photo?

A default image will display in the gallery view of trips and acts as a visual illustration for your trip’s itinerary. When a potential customer clicks on your trip, the default photo will appear accompanied by a description and specific trip details. This photo gives the viewer an idea of what they might see or experience on your trip and should be one of your better photographs.

Why should I include good photos?

Please be selective with the photos you choose to upload. Customers will be more apt to look at your trip if the photos they see are stimulating and have good imagery. Photos should have a clear image with attractive composition. Keep in mind that photos with vivid hues (color and saturation) tend to draw the viewer’s eye a bit more. If you would like to see examples of good photos go into the Photos page.

What do we mean by Free Sale?

Seats which are available to the customer.

Exactly what is a brand?

During registration we ask tour operators to determine if they would like to sell their trips under their own brand (a.k.a. company name) or sell under the AdventureLink brand. By selecting to sell under the AdventureLink brand, your company name will not be disclosed. This is particularly helpful for some inbound operators who prefer not to sell under their own brands directly to FIT and group customers or via retail agents due to existing relationships with wholesale customers in the sending countries.

What is a trip leader?

A trip leader is assigned during the booking process and is usually the person responsible for organizing the trip and allotting payments to fellow travelers. Trip leaders are also eligible for trip discounts and may receive incentives for organizing and handling trip business.

What if my tours have round-trip airfare?

Generally, we prefer NOT to include round-trip airfare with the trip price. If your tours include airfare we ask that you provide us with a land-only rate.

Where do I include specifics on trip inclusions and exclusions?

Trip inclusions and exclusions can be identified in the full description of a trip. It is important to point these out, especially what’s not included on a tour such as international airfare, etc.

How will a customer know what to bring with them on my trip?

You can enter in specifics about what a customer should bring in a packing list on the Passenger Requirements page. This list will be emailed to the customer after confirming a booking. Here you will also have the option to include a trip checklist with requirements on age, weight, physical fitness and more.

My overnight stays are in tents. How do I inform the customer?

If they haven’t figured it out from your description, reiterate the lodging style in your lodging details on the Itinerary page. The name of your accommodation can be as simple as “camp” with a description that talks a little bit about the campsite itself (e.g. camp among redwoods within walking distance of a lake). Just make sure you are giving the client accurate lodging information – if it isn’t a 5 star hotel, don’t say it is!

I only have a full trip description. What do I do about the brief description?

Create your own. Your brief description will appear when a customer hovers over your trip on and can be as simple as a couple sentences. In most cases we prefer you to have a brief description that differs from your full description. However, you can make it easy on yourself and insert the first couple lines from your full description into your brief since they will never appear on the same page.

None of my trips have descriptions.

Brief and full descriptions are required for every trip. Not only do they add something extra to the page, but they can help sell the trip, enticing a customer to read on and possibly even book! We highly recommend at least a couple sentences for your brief description and a paragraph or two for the full. The more detail you give here the better.

What do I do about codes in my trip names?

Delete them! While these codes may be useful to your company, AdventureLink operates on its own system of internal coding. By leaving codes in your trip name (or anywhere in your text) you run the risk of confusing the customer. Besides, they just add more clutter. If they don’t need to be there take them out!

When I copy/paste my itinerary from a PDF it formats differently. Why?

Typically the issues we see with itineraries and content that have been taken from a PDF relate to spacing where you will see random breaks in the text. Unfortunately, how you render your PDF does not always translate well into Unicode. When this happens you will need to manually adjust the spacing breaks (and yes this does mean hitting the backspace button over and over). At this time we have no means of fixing it within the system but have plans to implement a tool that would help correct the error. In the meantime, a manual fix on the part of the operator is needed.

What if I don’t see an activity I offer on your list?

Tell us! We are always open to updating our activities and will be happy to add any activity you don’t see.

I keep encountering errors in the Extranet.

All errors are logged by us. However, if you continue to experience the same error or even multiple errors during a single session please don’t hesitate to call or email us with your issue(s). The majority of us have worked endlessly testing and playing with the system. Chances are we will recognize your issue and know how to fix it.

I just activated a trip but don’t see it on

Newly activated trips take time to run through the system. Expect to wait at least a day before your trip(s) will show on our site.

Remember, even activated trips may not appear on if they do not have 7 mandatory fields. They are:
  • a trip name
  • brief and full description
  • language and currency specifications
  • rates
  • departure dates

If you want to see what your trip will look like on without searching the site, click Preview in the Extranet.

How do I find my trip without searching endlessly on

To find a trip (or all of your trips) on without searching page by page you will need to modify the URL that appears at the top of the page. First, take note of your operator and trip ID in the Extranet. Your operator ID can be found by highlighting with your mouse the white area under your company logo. Trip IDs are next to the name of each trip under Trips Summary.

Next, once you are inside click into a random trip. Take the two numbers you collected from the Extranet (your company and trip ID) and insert them into the URL, in place of the ones already there. Click Enter and your trip will appear. To see ALL your trips click on your company name.

How do I get my trips to appear on

You must activate your trips before they can show on the site. To activate a trip simply check the box next to the name of the trip you wish to activate in the Extranet. Remember that trips can only become active with the 7 mandatory fields.

  • a trip name
  • brief and full description
  • language and currency specifications
  • rates
  • departure dates

What if I have activated a trip but no longer want it to show on

Log into the Extranet and uncheck the box next to the name of the trip you wish to deactivate. Once deactivated it will no longer show on the site until you reactivate it.

How do I create a trip?

Once logged into the Extranet you will see a link to the right of Trips Summary that says “click here.” You can also begin the trip creation process by clicking Add New Trip from the dropdown menu under Content Administration.

How many trips can I upload to

There is no limit to the number of trips you can upload to the site. We encourage you to create as many trips as you like complete with exciting destinations and unique activity options.

How frequently should I update my trips?

Some trips may require constant maintenance, specifically when it comes to adjusting rates, departure dates and availability. The majority of communication regarding bookings will be done via email. However, with your Account you can also check the status of bookings with the handy messaging tool on your homepage. Of course it is always a good idea to update your content whenever you make a change to you personal website, whether it is pricing related or even an addition to your photo library. We want to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information and ask the operator to maintain sole control of their content.