AdventureLink’s 2017 Summer Destinations

The weather is getting warmer, let’s plan your summer vacation ahead…

Sailing and Beach Breaks

When summer hits, the first word that catches in is COOL… Hop on a yacht or canoe and feel the breeze of cool air. Soak under the sun, snorkel and swim with marine life…

If going to a body of water is not your thing, we have best destinations for you below:


Celebrate with Canada’s 150th anniversary and the exchange rate makes it a good deal!
Visit Vancouver, ride a gondola in Banff, canoe on Lake Louise…


United States of America

Explore local national parks, raft the rapids of Colorado River, hike the striking landscape of Grand Canyon, stroll along California Coast or walk through city’s historic parks…



It feels like a real holiday when you travel in France. Visit medieval cities, alpine villages, Mediterranean beaches and the monumental Eiffel Tower.



Experience the beauty of the place and the people, explore medieval cities and long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.



Ireland is full of must-see attractions and valued cultural standard. Visit it’s amazing natural landscape like Cliffs of Moher. Explore the country full of historic landmarks and many castles to stay in, yes, there’s no shortage of castle here…



And some of the year-round destinations…

Costa Rica





Spring Travel Destinations

Springtime is ideal season to get those legs stretched, mind cleared, and heart pumping as we emerge from winter’s hibernation. With temperatures rising, and as nature starts to blossom with color, adventure awaits this time of year. For those looking to explore the great outdoors, National Parks offer a variety of great opportunities to reconnect with the wild. For the more metropolitan minded, spring is a great time visit popular cities and attractions before summer tourists roll in.

This is the best time to book your next adventure, so get out there and start exploring, sightseeing, and having fun. Right here in your own backyard.

Choose from these amazing spring specials in North America

and more…

Yosemite National Park Spring at Yosemite Valley - photo via Flickr Public Domain
Grand Canyon National Park

Tulum, Mexico


Arenal, Costa Rica

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Buenos AiresArgentina

The Great Wall, China

Madrid, Spain

Serengeti, Tanzania


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Volunteer tourism is an increasingly popular way to travel, and for good reason: Volunteering abroad can help people in need and enrich the lives of travelers doing the volunteering. These days, tour companies offer a wide-range of voluntourism opportunities, from building homes to helping teach kids. Here’s a look at just some of the benefits of voluntourism. 

Cultural Immersion: One reason many people travel is to experience a new culture. On that front, voluntourism can help — in a big way. Working in a community offers a perspective on a place that you simply can’t get by sightseeing. If you’re working alongside locals, you just might find yourself bondingwith them. Rather than feeling like an outsider, or a tourist taking in the sights, you might begin to feel a deeper connection to the place and people. Many volunteer service trips utilize homestays to house participants. Homestays offer a great way to make friends with locals and eat authentic local food.

Developing Skills: Last spring I went on a volunteer trip to Guatemala. In five days my group built a house for a family in the small, impoverished town of Alotenango. Before going, I had no construction experience and almost no Spanish skills. At the end of the five days I was quite a bit “handier” and had learned rudimentary construction principles. Through interacting with my host family, who spoke no English, my Spanish skills improved. In fact, by the end of the trip, I was speaking conversational Spanish. I learned local cooking techniques and recipes, too. I ate well.


Meaningful Budget Travel: Because volunteer trips are often run by philanthropic organizations and utilize homestays or other inexpensive methods of housing, they can be a great way to travel on a budget. The price of a trip often includes lodging and meals.

A Base For a Great Trip: Interacting with locals gives you an opportunity to get the inside scoop on what to do during your free time — and how to do it cheaply. During my trip to Guatemala I not only helped build a house, but I hiked a volcano and surfed off the country’s black-sand beaches.

Gratitude:  It all comes full circle. Undoubtedly the greatest benefit of a volunteer trip is the difference you can make in the lives of people who could use some help, and the gratitude they share with you.

Is a Local Living Experience Right for You?

There’s no better way to get to know a country than by immersing yourself right into the heart of it. Which country would you prefer for a local living  experience – Ecuador (Amazon Jungle), Nepal,  Mongolia (Nomadic Life), Italy (Tuscanny Garfagnana, Amalfi Coast, San Gimignano, Umbria, Sorrento) or Croatia (Southern Dalmatia)?


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