Mt Kilimanjaro Group Trek - Marangu Route

7 Days


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  •  Duration: 7 Days
  •  Comfort:   Budget%
  •  Language: English
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  •  Trip ID: 126808
  •  Guaranteed: Yes

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  •  Primary Activities: Trekking
  •  Other Activities: Hiking, sightseeing, Wildlife
  •  Arrival City: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Arrival Airport: JRO
  •  Departure City: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  •  Departure Airport: JRO
At 5895m, Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and this adventure along the Marangu Route will get you to the top safely, quickly and with your budget in mind. Overnight in mountain huts and awake ready to conquer the slopes. As a leader in Kili treks, we'll take you to new heights in adventure on your way to the roof of Africa. Affectionately known as the Coca-Cola Route, Marangu covers forests, moorlands and 'The Saddle', a high-altitude desert, on its way to Kibo Hut. This is the easiest route to summit—with a catch. The trail is well maintained but because of the quick ascent, the success rate is not as high as other routes.
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