An Exclusive Paddling Expedition in the Remote Fjords of Greenland

16 Days

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  •  Duration: 16 Days
  •  Comfort:   Moderate%
  •  Language: 126
  •  Rating: 0%  
  •  Style: Extreme Adventures 
  •  Trip ID: 129273
  •  Guaranteed: Yes

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  •  Primary Activities: Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Camping
  •  Other Activities:
  •  Activity Level: Advanced
  •  Arrival City: Keflavik, Iceland
  • Arrival Airport: KEF
  •  Departure City: Reykjavik, Iceland
  •  Departure Airport: RKV
For 15 years, Explorers’ Corner guides have led successful kayak expeditions to the Sermiliq/Tassilaq Fjord complex in Eastern Greenland. Without exception, all our co-explorers have been amazed by the pristine and natural world there. Join a small group of adventurers who will paddle and hike Greenland’s remote and wild eastern coast in the arctic summer when the arctic flowers are out and the Greenland ground blueberries and mushrooms are plentiful. Along the journey visit local Inuit communities and old Eskimo ruins. And, lastly, enjoy the wild patterns the sun makes in the 24-hour lit sky. 

Our expeditionary journeys, beneath high protective mountains towering over deep fjords, have some of the best kayaking conditions in the Arctic. The landscape in Greenland’s remote and wild eastern coast is both beautiful and diverse - dotted with Greenland communities who still sustain their lives in this uncompromising but stunning natural world. Remember it was in these Arctic waters that kayaking was invented. There’s no better way to experience this remote region and its wealth of culture than with Explorers’ Corner. 

Our small group of adventurers will paddle and hike where very few Westerners have ever been. We will begin at the western edge of Tassilaq Island and work our way east through an archipelago, ending up at a place near the tiny hamlet of Sermiligaq. The total paddling distance will be about 80—100 nautical miles, depending on the local weather and sea conditions. 

The Environment & Weather:  Our paddling route is a classic A to B Journey and takes place in the inner fjord system where there is more wind shelter and protection from the ocean swells and waves. We paddle safely among icebergs and rocky islands and along the granitic shores. On land we hike in a “no trail country” – over boulder fields, screes and snow fields. Our camp sites are often on sandy beaches or grassy flats. Our days are spent paddling 5-6 hours through fjords and past icebergs, in sometimes challenging and always cold water, and evenings spent camping under the arctic sky on beaches and in meadows. Accommodations include comfortable tents with plenty of fresh air and outdoor facilities. Guests will assist in setting up each night’s camp. Meals will be prepared by the guides and guests are encouraged to assist with chores such as food prep and dishwashing. 

Physical Activities: This trip is rated intermediate to expert. This is an expeditionary sea kayaking trip with a flexible itinerary; thus the number of miles paddled every day depends on local weather and ocean conditions. We should expect not to paddle more than 5-6 hours every day, but again, if we have to struggle against the wind and current in order to reach a safe and optimal campsite for the night, we might have to paddle more. Generally, our paddling philosophy is not to “cover miles” for the sake of covering miles, but to follow an interesting route and explore as we go along - and still keep the end point of our journey in mind. Our hiking the first day is a long 8 hours optional hike. If you want to take a boat instead we can offer you a ride at $30-50 per person, depending on the number of people who opt out. All other hikes are from each day's beach camp and all are optional.
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