Explore Mexico's Yucatan and Tikal

9 Days


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  •  Duration: 9 Days
  •  Accomodation Level:   Moderate%
  •  Language: english
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  •  Primary Activities: Walking Tour
  •  Other Activities: ancient ruins, Historical Sites, ruins, sightseeing
  •  Arrival City: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  •  Departure City: Cancun, Mexico
Adding a little extra spice to this exciting Yucatan expedition, we first explore Tikal, the breathtaking ancient Guatemalan city built by the Mayan civilization. Constructed as a ceremonial centre, Tikal's temples, pyramids and majestic stone monuments were designed with an aim to inspire awe in visitors and after two millennia, they still do so today.

Our education into the ways and practices of the ancient world continues as we visit Chichen Itza in Mexico, a splendid archaeological site that incorporates the legacies and ruins both of the Maya and of the later-arriving Toltecs, and Uxmal, an ancient Mayan city of temple-pyramids, palaces, sacrificial tombs and ballcourts.

Deep into the heart of the Yucatan jungle, we travel to Coba through untamed nature, where we find temple ruins overgrown with trees and foliage. Perched atop a pyramid overlooking vast ocean on our visit to Tulum truly is an experience never forgotten.

Out Factor: The Latin/Catholic influence has limited the development of a gay community in Mexico, even though gay activity flourishes in a less acknowledged way. While the Yucatan is much more low-key than resorts on the Pacific coast, towns like Merida have long been known for their tolerance. The city has a strong Catholic influence, but its history of trade with Europe is believed to have led to its generally progressive attitude. That said, most locals are not particularly comfortable with in-your-face public displays of affection, gay or straight. Most of the organized gay life in Guatemala takes place around Guatemala Cityour time here is short, but our guides will show us an interesting time.

Trip Highlights:
  • Experience the mystique of Tikal, possibly the most magnificent of all Mayan sites
  • Visit the wonderful archaeological sites of Chichen Itza
  • Ancient temples surrounded by the thick Yucatan jungle
Trip Details:
  • Start city: Guatemala City
  • End city: Cancun
  • Group size: Maximum of 18 plus tour leader
  • Staff and support: Tour Leader, driver(s) and local step-on guides at various locations
  • Accommodation: Hotels
  • Transport: Private air-conditioned motor coach
  • Should be independent with your luggage, especially at airports
  • The region's roads are generally good and the distances covered are not great
  • Numerous nature walks and walking tours on uneven surfaces
  • This tour is offered in warm dry season (Dec-May) andcoolest months (Nov-Jan)
  • Most of our Tour Leaders are gay, some of them are not
  • Gay or gay-friendly travelers of any gender are welcome
  • Smoking is not permitted on any group transport or during official sightseeing excursions
  • Anyone of an average fitness level can participate
  • You can extend your tour either at the beginning or the end
Small Group Experiences Traveling is often made even more exciting by sharing the experience with others. Small groups range from 6 to 15 people in size, making for a trip filled with camaraderie, adventure and the personal attention of a trained guide.

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