Egpyt: In the Wake of Cleopatra - Sailing by Dahabiya to the Temples of the Nile

9 Days


Adventure Link Certified


  •  Duration: 9 Days
  •  Comfort:   Not Rated
  •  Language: English
  •  Rating: 80.0%  
  •  Trip ID: 89287
  •  Guaranteed: Yes

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  •  Primary Activities: River & Canal Cruising, Walking Tour
  •  Other Activities: sightseeing, Pyramids, History Tour
  •  Activity Level: Basic
  •  Arrival City: Cairo, Egypt
  • Arrival Airport: CAI
  •  Departure City: Cairo, Egypt
  •  Departure Airport: CAI
The River Nile by sail! This is a traveler’s dream journey—exploring the Nile by dahabiya, a royal two-masted yacht that holds just 12 passengers. On our leisurely cruise from Luxor to Aswan, we discover the great monuments of ancient Egypt that line this legendary river valley, as well as fascinating out-of-the-way sites little visited by other travelers, including villages where we meet the local people and experience a timeless way of life. Our sailboat harkens back to a nostalgic and elegant era of travel, yet has all the modern comforts. The great sites of Cairo, the Valley of the Kings, and the awe-inspiring temples of Abu Simbel—they’re all a part of this ultimate traveler’s odyssey amid the eternal wonder that is ancient Egypt.
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