Cuzco to Ushuaia

Starts: Cuzco, Peru
Finishes: Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

Visit: Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail , Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Puno, Copacabana, Isla Del Sol, La Paz, Ojo del Inca, Potosí, Uyuni, Salar De Uyuni, Bolivian Altiplano, San Pedro De Atacama, Salta, Cafayate, Quilmes Ruins, Rio Ceballos, Mendoza, Santiago, Pucón, Bariloche, Futaleufú, Carretera Austral, Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Argentinian Patagonia, El Chaltén, El Calafate, Torres Del Paine National Park, Tierra Del Fuego

Tour Type: Group Tour

Accommodation: Budget


Overlanding is the best way to see South America by far! Dragoman have been leading the way in South American overland expeditions since 1990, so take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading to some unique hidden gems, well away from the usual tourist trail. We start this epic journey at the phenomenal city of Cuzco, our base for one of South America's best highlights, the Inca Trails and a visit to the legendary ruined city of Machu Picchu. After Cuzco, we will head south to the serene shores of Lake Titicaca and its sacred Inca island of Isla del Sol, and then move on to the thriving Bolivian city of La Paz. Heading south from La Paz, we visit our local community stay in Livichuco and the famous mining town of Potosí, before arriving in one of the continent's most spectacular natural wonders - the phenomenal salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. From here we will overland across the other-worldly scenery of the Bolivian Altiplano into the incredible Atacama Deserts of Chile, and then cross the Andes into the beautiful arid regions of Argentina and the wonderful town of Salta. We will make our way south through the wine regions and highlands of northwest Argentina before arriving at a very special highlight of this trip - our unique estancia stay for two days of horse riding on an idyllic country ranch. From here we make our way to the spectacular town of Mendoza, under the shadow of the Andes' highest mountains, before finally crossing the Andes again to arrive in the Chilean capital of Santiago. We will continue south from Santiago into the Chilean and Argentinian Lake District to enjoy the wealth of optional activities and beautiful scenery in Pucón and Barlioche. We will then journey down the spectacular Carretera Austral to arrive in the fabled land of Patagonia, famous for its hauntingly desolate scenery, its huge glaciers near El Calafate, the phenomenal mountain scenery of El Chaltén and Torres del Paine, and the chance to get out trekking, climbing and horse riding! We will then arrive in the remote outpost of Ushuaia, the most southern town in the world. Join Dragoman for this wonderful and unforgettable trip!


    • Adventure Activities
    • Boating

Trip Details

The Trip

Product Code: 158043
Tour Type: Group Tour
Accommodation: Budget
Transport: User Defined
Guide Language: english

Starts: Cuzco, Peru
Finishes: Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Duration: 54 days
Departures: Guaranteed
Physical rating: Demanding


    • Visit the incredible remains of the Inca temples of Sacsayhuaman and the Sacred Valley on a guided tour
    • Take a guided tour of the fantastic Inca temples at Ollantaytambo
    • Options for the treks from Cuzco (please see the bottom of the Trip Notes for more details): Option 1 - Wild Andes Trek Hike on unspoiled Inca Trails through the stunning remote Andean scenery away from other tourists, on our exclusive Wild Andes Inca Trek. If you choose this option you will get a small refund from kitty. Option 2 - Classic Trek Trek the Classic Inca Trail up the Royal Inca Road. Your kitty has been budgeted to accommodate for this option as it is the most costly of the 3 options. Option 3 - Train Package (non-trekking option) Relax in Cuzco and take the train to Machu Picchu without trekking. If you choose this option you will get a refund of the cost difference from kitty. Important note: You must advise us at the time of booking if you wish to book the Classic Inca Trail or the Train Package (non-trekking option), otherwise you will automatically be booked onto our Wild Andes Trek.
    • Explore the phenomenal and iconic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World - take a guided tour and have plenty of free time to explore before returning to Cuzco
    • Visit the incredible Inca site of Tipón, once an agricultural centre and a park for the Inca elite
    • Take a boat trip to Lake Titicaca's Isla del Sol, and head on a guided walk across the length of the stunning island
    • Take a full day tour out in jeeps to the dazzling Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats - the spectacular, perfectly-flat salt plains that are one of South America's most incredible sights
    • Take the epic journey across the southern Bolivian altiplano - an incredible high-altitude, off-road adventure through a surreal desert landscape, taking in bizarre rock formations, hot springs, and the phenomenal coloured lakes of Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde
    • Explore the dramatic, other-worldly landscape of the Moon Valley, and take in an incredible sunset from one of its high viewpoints
    • Visit the impressive rock formations of 'El Amphiteatro' and 'La Garganta del Diablo' en route through the primeval landscape of the Quebrada de las Conchas
    • Explore the atmospheric ruins of the indigenous city of Quilmes in north west Argentina
    • Spend 3 special days at a unique Anglo-Argentine Estancia, to experience the gaucho way of living and see the beautiful countryside by horseback
    • Visit the stunning Queulat National Park, and take a trek through the 'Enchanted Forest' to view the magnificent Colgante Hanging Glacier
    • See the enormous Perito Moreno Glacier from the most breathtaking and photogenic viewpoints on a guided day tour from El Calafate
    • Entrance into the phenomenal Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile, an area of some of the most outstanding natural beauty, breathtaking mountain vistas, and idyllic trekking opportunities in the world
    • Base package Guided 'base package' to trek part of the famous W-walk - included is the trek to the towers of Torres del Paine with an expert local guide, and accommodation, food and a cook at Las Torres Campsite.
    Tour Staff
    • 2 crew, local guides as necessary
    • 35% Camping - 65% Hotels


    • Take an excellent free walking tour around Cuzco with a local guide, getting a fascinating insight into the history of the city and the life of the locals (Price: USD )
    • Freely explore the site of Koricancha and Santo Domingo neat the city centre, a jarring juxtaposition of a Spanish colonial cathedral built on top of the walls of an ancient Inca Sun temple (Price: PEN 10)
    • Take an incredible trip out on various mountain bike routes in the highlands surrounding Cuzco (Price: USD 125)
    • Visit some of the fascinating museums in Cuzco, including the Textiles Museum, the Chocolate Museum, the Casa Concha, and the Museo Inka (Price: PEN 20)
    • Head out for an exhilarating white-water rafting trip on the Urubamba River near Cuzco (Price: USD 69)
    • Take part in a Peruvian cooking class in Cuzco, learning how to make a variety of local dishes (Price: USD 79)
    • Take a Spanish class in the beautiful city of Cuzco (suitable for all levels) (Price: PEN 20)
    • Take the spectacular downhill mountain-bike trip down the infamous 'World's Most Dangerous Road', a 3,500m descent from the high mountain plateau near La Paz to the steaming jungles of Corioco via the dramatic road cut into the cliff (Price: USD 110)
    • Take a guided tour to explore the amazing pre-Inca ruins of Tiwanaku, once the centre of one of the most important cultures in South America (Price: BOB 220)
    • Take a trip out to the mountain resort of Chacaltaya and the other-worldly landscape of the Moon Valley near La Paz (Price: BOB 130)
    • Take a guided tour of the main sights and viewpoints around La Paz (Price: BOB 150)
    • Discover Bolivia's history, art, and culture in some of La Paz's many museums such as the San Francisco Museum and the Museum of Ethnography (Price: BOB 20)
    • Explore the claustrophobic tunnels of the Cerro Rico silver mines, an infamous mine orignally built by the Spanish (Price: BOB 110)
    • Visit the the Casa de la Moneda museum in Potosí, to learn all about its colonial past and the silver that once flowed from the area (Price: BOB 60)
    • Observe the night skies through the powerful telescopes of the observatory in the Atacama Desert near San Pedro, and learn all about the heavens on a fascinating talk from one of the astronomers (not available during the week of a full moon) (Price: CLP 20000)
    • Visit the incredible salt plains of the Salar de Atacama, and take a swim in the salty pools of Laguna Cejar (Price: CLP 15000)
    • Take a tour of the stunning Lagunas Altiplánicas, backdropped by the incredible deserts and volcanic scenery of the region (Price: CLP 35000)
    • Relax in the blissful natural volcanic hot springs of Puritama, in the hills above San Pedro (Price: CLP 15000)
    • Take the cable car up to the top of San Bernardo Hill, and take in the breathtaking views out over the city of Salta below (Price: ARS 150)
    • Explore the beautiful mountains and forests near Salta on a mountain biking trip (Price: ARS 1200)
    • Explore the vineyards of Cafayate and discover the area's delicious wines and bodgeas on a wine-tasting excursion (Price: ARS 100)
    • Head out on a trek through the incredible valleys surrounding Mendoza (Price: ARS 270)
    • Enjoy a day out rock climbing in the stunning landscapes near Mendoza (Price: ARS 930)
    • Go for a horse ride through the arid foothills west of Mendoza (Price: ARS 800)
    • Discover Argentina's wine capital and explore the vineyards of the Mendoza and Maipu region, either on an organised tour or by cycling between the bodgeas (Price: ARS 300)
    • Take an exhilarating white water rafting trip down the Mendoza River (Price: ARS 600)
    • Relax in the beautiful thermal baths in Cacheuta, in the hills above Mendoza (Price: ARS 100)
    • Take a mountain biking trip through the dramatic landscapes of the Andean foothills near Mendoza (Price: ARS 600)
    • Freely explore the streets and plazas of Santiago, visit some of its fascinating museums, and discover its incredible culture, music, and art (Price: USD )
    • Learn more about Santiago and its history on a free walking tour of the centre from a knowledgeable local guide (Price: USD )
    • Take in the breathtaking vista of the city skyline backdropped by the mighty Andes, from the viewpoints at Cerro San Cristobal or Cerro San Lucia (Price: USD )
    • Discover all of Santiago's sights on a hop-on/hop-off bus around the city (Price: CLP 21000)
    • Trek up to the summit of the snowcapped volcano Villarica to witness the incredible sunrise views over Pucón and the Chilean Lake District (Price: CLP 50000)
    • Discover the beautiful lakes and forests of Pucón on a horse riding trip (Price: CLP 20000)
    • Relax in the soothing waters of the Pozones natural hot springs (Price: CLP 10000)
    • Explore the stunning views and hiking trails of the nearby Huerquehue National Park (Price: CLP 22000)
    • Learn all about Pucón and the history of its people on a free walking tour of the town (Price: CLP )
    • Explore the spectacular Lake District near Pucón by mountain bike (Price: CLP 8000)
    • Head on an exciting white-water rafting trip on the rapids of the Trancura River near Pucón (Price: USD 45)
    • Take part in a fantastic canyoning expedition through the gorges of the Chilean Lake District near Pucón (Price: CLP 20000)
    • Explore the beautiful scenery of Bariloche by horseback on a riding trip through the area (Price: ARS 450)
    • Discover the incredible scenery of the Nauhel Huapi Lake and the Victoria Islands on a boat trip from Bariloche (Price: ARS 150)
    • Hire mountain bikes to explore the forests and hills surrounding Lake Nauhel Huapi and Bariloche (Price: ARS 180)
    • Visit the interesting Fenoglio Chocolate Museum in Bariloche, and learn all about the town's tradition of chocolate making (Price: ARS 50)
    • Explore the nearby Lago Gutierrez and take in its amazing views from the water on a half-day tandem kayaking trip (Price: ARS 200)
    • Freely explore the best viewpoints around Bariloche and some of the locals' favourite spots, such as the summit of Cerro Campanario, the beautiful beach of Playa Bonita, and the delightful waterfalls of Los Duendes (Price: ARS )
    • Take a stunning journey on the historic steam train between Bariloche and Perito Moreno Los Juncos, taking in the amazing scenery of the Patagonian steppe (Price: USD 50)
    • Head out horse riding around the phenomenal scenery of El Chaltén (Price: ARS 600)
    • Freely explore and trek around the walking trails of Los Glaciares National Park, taking in the marvellous vistas of the Fitz Roy mountain range (Price: ARS )
    • Take a boat out onto the stunning Viedma Lake, and get up close to the Viedma Glacier to see its impressive facade (with options to do some ice trekking on the glacier!) (Price: USD 55)
    • Enjoy a spectacular kayaking trip down the Río de las Vueltas, taking in some incredible views of the surrounding mountains (Price: USD 125)
    • Head on a rock-climbing course in the magnificent landscapes surrounding El Chaltén (Price: USD 90)
    • Get even closer to the impressive glacier of Perito Moreno with a boat trip in front of its mighty face (Price: ARS 350)
    • Learn all about glaciers at the fantastic modern Glaciarium Museum in El Calafate, and visit its cool ice bar in the basement! (Price: ARS 200)
    • Explore the Perito Moreno glacier on an incredible full day expedition, trekking through the forests and onto the glacier itself using crampons (please note that this is an alternative to the regular tour as there will not be enough time for both - however you will stop at the main viewpoint on your way back to El Calafate at the end of the excursion) (Price: ARS 1200)
    • W-walk extension The extension package is to include the entire of the famous W-walk in Torres del Paine - included are two extra nights camping on the trail with facilities, food for the duration of the trek, and the service of an expert English-speaking local guide.  Please note that this package must be pre-booked in advance through your sales agent. Please book as early as possible to ensure availability and avoid disappointment! For further information on the W-walk please refer to the detailed trip notes. (Price: GBP 200)
    • Take in the stunning views of Torres del Paine on a horse riding trip through the National Park (Price: CLP 30000)
    • Head out on a fantastic boat trip on the Grey Lake to get up close to the colossal Grey Glacier (Price: CLP 55000)
    • Take a boat trip out on the famous Beagle Channel to view the native sea lions and birds (Price: ARS 1100)
    • Explore the haunting beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park and wander its atmospheric walking trails on a day tour from Ushuaia (Price: ARS 1100)
    • Head out to the impressive Martial Glacier near Ushuaia, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Darwin Mountains and the Beagle Channel (Price: USD 25)
    • Delve into Ushuaia's past and learn about its maritime tradition and former prison colony at the Maritime Museum (Price: ARS 150)
    • Take a journey along the Rio Pipo on the 'Train to the End of the World', once built by prisoners at Ushuaia's old penal colony (Price: ARS 690)
    • Explore the excellent trails around the hills and forests of Ushuaia by hiring a mountain bike (Price: ARS 150)
    • Discover the beautiful scenery of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel on a horse riding trip to the nearby Susana's Mountain viewpoint (Price: ARS 1100)
    • Enjoy an active day out in Tierra del Fuego National Park with a 7-kilometre trek to the scenic Lago Roca followed by a canoeing trip down the Lapataia River (Price: ARS 1850)
    • Learn all about Tierra del Fuego's history and nature at the 'Museum of the End of the World' in Ushuaia (Price: ARS 90)


Price person (sharing double) $4,000 ($74/day)


$625 per person for bookings made 55 days or more prior to departure

Full Amount for bookings made less than 55 days prior to departure

Cancellation: Flexible

Trip Notes

Price does not include airfare (to the Trip start & from the end location)

Trip Price generally includes accommodation, transport/transfer, activities, services of a professional guide & more. (Please refer to the include/excludes section for details)

Tour packages spare you the hassles of trip planning, a la carte booking, organizing and managing the logistics at a foreign location.


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Argentina, Chile, Peru Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Puno, Copacabana, Isla Del Sol, La Paz, Ojo Del Inca, Potosí, Uyuni, Salar De Uyuni, Bolivian Altiplano, San Pedro De Atacama, Salta, Cafayate, Quilmes Ruins, Recreo, Rio Ceballos, Mendoza, Santiago, Pucón, Bariloche, Futaleufú, Carretera Austral, Puyuhuapi And Queulat National Park, Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Argentinian Patagonia, El Chaltén, Los Glaciares National Park, El Calafate, Torres Del Paine National Park, Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia
Boating, Active/Adrenaline


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Dragoman has a proud history, standing at the forefront of the overlanding industry since the company's formation in 1981. Our first overlanding expedition to Nairobi and back set off in the summer of 1982, with our first trips to Asia following in 1984. In 1989, Dragoman launched operations in South America, and in 1994 (now with 13 trucks) we expanded out to Central America.

2001 Dragoman took over the assets of Encounter Overland, and we have been proud overlanding partners with Intrepid since 2008. Dragoman became the owners of Imaginative Traveller in 2011, the same year that our first truck arrived in South East Asia. Finally, in 2013 we entered North America, and were the first ever overlanding company to visit Burma.

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