Solar Eclipse Chile Explorer (2019)

Starts: Santiago Island, Chile
Finishes: Santiago Island, Chile

Visit: Santiago Island, Santiago Island

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Accommodation: Moderate


On the 2nd July 2019, thousands of people in Chile will enjoy nature’s grandest show, a total eclipse of the sun. This is a rare opportunity to view this celestial wonder and the perfect opportunity to experience the unique and ever-changing landscapes of Chile. Awaiting your arrival are eclectic cities with a long and rich history and colourful culture, as well as mesmerising natural wonders. This unique tour has been created to ensure you have the best experience possible in this wonderful part of the world. Why See the Solar Eclipse?The most arresting and emotional astronomical event of them all, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur for 2 minutes and 18 seconds in the late afternoon of Tuesday, 2 July 2019 above Chile's Elqui Valley.This rare celestial event occurs only when a New Moon crosses the Sun as we see it, throwing a Moon-shadow onto the planet. If you stand under the path of that shadow, all of the Sun’s rays will be blocked out for a few minutes, and you'll experience darkness in the day.However, under clear skies the few minutes of Totality are about a lot more than darkness. During Totality you can remove your solar safety glasses (which we will provide) to see a mind-blowing 'hole in the sky'. As you gaze at the Sun's powerful, pulsing corona visible as a wispy white ring around the edges of the Moon, you'll see huge explosions on the Sun's surface. A few minutes later, beads of sunlight pour through the valleys of the Moon as the Sun emerges, eventually causing a jaw-dropping flash of light called the 'diamond ring'. It's over, and the adrenalin subsides ... with the help of some local Chilean wines from our beautiful surroundings in the Elqui Valley.In Chile, the Totality occurs at 17:46, just over an hour before sunset, so you'll comfortably view Totality about 15 degrees above the western horizon. Even better, the Moon will appear to 'kiss' the Sun goodbye at 17:56, the precise point of sunset.It's sure to be an intense and emotional experience, and one best shared. So join us for the ultimate experience in travel – a Great South American adventure starring the Great South American Eclipse!


    • Enjoy nature's grandest show - a total eclipse of the sun
    • Visit the colourful city of Valparaiso
    • Sightseeing tours of Santiago and La Serena
    • Visit the Tabali Winery with including tasting

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The Trip

Product Code: 208647
Tour Type:
Accommodation: Moderate
Guide Language: Engligh

Starts: Santiago Island, Chile
Finishes: Santiago Island, Chile
Duration: 7 days
Physical rating: Basic


  • Professional tour guide and local guides
  • All transportation by private vehicle
  • Accommodation: Hotel, Hotel: 6



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    Chile Santiago, Valparaiso, La Serena, Elqui Valley


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