Tropical Discovery: Costa Rica to Nicaragua Plus Granada's Rich History

11 Days


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  •  Duration: 11 Days
  •  Accomodation Level:   Moderate%
  •  Language: english
  •  Rating: 0%  
  •  Trip ID: 44421
  •  Arrival City: San Jose, Costa Rica
  •  Departure City: Managua, Nicaragua
Costa Rica holds legendary status as a nature tourism destination. Nicaragua, equally spectacular, is a travel treasure that's far less known. Our newest adventure combines them in an odyssey through a mosaic of tropical habitats that shelters a vivid diversity of wildlife. Listen for the musical call of the resplendent quetzal as you look for a glimpse of its brilliant feathers. Search for sleepy sloths. Watch raucous monkeys swing through the trees. Cruise down languid jungle streams among crocs and caimans. Add the distinctive history and culture of Granada, the first European city in mainland America, and youve got the ultimate Central American journey of discovery.

While nature travelers rave about Costa Rica, far fewer visitors know of Nicaraguas impressive natural features, from active volcanoes and lava islands to old-growth tropical forest filled with jungle animals and wild beaches home to nesting sea turtles. This distinctive itinerary includes a broad sampler of both countries most impressive natural sites, for a less-traveled Central American nature adventure that also includes cultural highlights.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore vast forest reserves on foot and by boat for secluded encounters with jungle mammals, bats, reptiles and tropical birds
  • Discover Nicaragua's volcanic highlights, from ancient lava islets scattered across a giant lake, to nesting parakeets living in the crater of an active volcano
  • Enjoy cultural encounters with local people as we join a Costa Rican family for dinner at their home and visit Nicaraguan artisans handcrafting hammocks and maracas
Important Information About This Trip

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